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What is Ching?
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What is Ching?

Ching is a shopping program that lets you earn money for causes you love
at no extra cost to you!

Why Should You Ching?

Earn Money for Your Favorite Cause

We’re all guilty of a little online shopping. Free 2-day shipping = life. So, what if our spending habits didn’t just drain our bank accounts, but actually made a difference for an incredible cause?

Now your shoe, comic book, or beauty habit can help provide clean drinking water to communities, protect animals, or even put an end to cancer.

It’s a no brainer! Get awesome discounts, buy great stuff and earn an average of 3% for your cause. No extra steps, no added costs.

Early Adopters Wanted

Choose your cause now to become a Ching Early Adopter. Be one of the first 500 people to sign up and Ching will DOUBLE the amount you earn for your cause during the entire month of July!

The Rundown

How does it work?

Choose a cause you love. From advancing conservation around the world to providing safe havens to refugees, Ching causes have all been selected for their incredible passion to ensure our tomorrow is a better place.

Tell us what you like to buy. Clothes, home decor, vintage Star Wars figurines, we don’t judge! Your shopping preferences allow us to find deals that we know you’ll be in to.

Hand-picked deals are delivered to your inbox. Cool retailers, major discounts, and kick-ass products, we send you only the best of the best.

Get shopping and save the world!

Ready to make a difference?

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Ching hooks your inbox up with hand-selected deals. Shop online & impact a life!